'74 Targa 911S

It's got dog space!

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The 911
November 2020
Posted on: November 2020
How it happened
You can blame the dogs. The TVR doesn’t have dog space, so wasn’t getting used. I thought a 911S Targa would be a good replacement for both it and my Boxster S. A reduction in the fleet was intended, but it didn’t work out like that. The Boxster got swapped for a Renault, and when it came to it, the TVR was just too lovely to part with.

The Targa was a recent California import, so promised to be rot free. This proved correct, but there was still a great deal to do. I became a good customer at RGA in Vauxhall. The engine had just been rebuilt in the UK. The troublesome 2.7 unit had long ago been replaced with a more robust 3.0 SC. On getting it onto British soil, its importer discovered it had broken some of its head bolts, which is not uncommon, and a full rebuild was required. On contacting the rebuilders I heard that this had put the guy out of business. As money was short as little as possible was done. A new clutch should have been fitted while the engine was out, but it wasn’t. Problems with the fuel injection should have been addressed, but weren’t.

RGA fitted a new clutch, threw out half the injection system, fixed countless bodges and inadequacies, and wrote me a terrifying bill.

The good news was that it was fitted with excellent after market headers and exhaust, worth a good few BHP. Gratifyingly noisy, too. Good shocks and lots of poly bushes as well.

The interior was ghastly, and I had to replace quite a lot of it. My first ever trimming!. A period Momo perked things up inside, as did alloy rims for the instruments and a proper stereo. I polished and painted the gorgeous Fuchs wheels, and put new Toyos on them. The degraded black mirrors and door handles I replaced with chrome. I transferred a nice reg onto it, signwriting black and white plates in my own illegal style. It was looking like a proper car.

We were about to take it down to Spain last year, but there was an ‘incident’, and so we took the TVR. By the time it was sorted autumn had arrived, and I only got to drive it very occasionally. Then in February 2020 I managed to miss a gear and trashed the ‘box. It’s been at RGA since March 2020, and you won’t be surprised to hear it’s still there in November. Anyway, what would I have done with it? None of the cars have done more than a handful of miles this year. I’m hoping for better in 2021. It isn’t even run in yet. I’ve only driven it a couple of hundred miles, and never with the roof off. I’m hoping 2021 will bring better value for money.