1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

Wonderful and very special car with an important registration.

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Current Owner Tim Slade - PRESENT

96 Club Rendezvous in Wimbledon Park
September 2019
Posted on: September 2019
Enjoying some late summer sun
Timeline post: 96 Club Rendezvous in Wimbledon Park
We ventured out with both the Jag and the Merc to enjoy an excellent turn-out of 96 club cars and members. Basking in late summer sunshine while enjoying a relaxed picnic amongst friends with a Capability Brown landscaped backdrop. What a perfect relaxing Sunday.
London Classic Car Show
February 2019
Posted on: February 2019
Great to exhibit at ExCeL this year
Timeline post: London Classic Car Show
The XK was in excellent company at this years show with record numbers of car clubs exhibiting. Big thanks to Darren at Waterloo Classics for sorting everything out, our stand in itself had a constant flow throughout the weekend and the Jag got more than her fair share of attention.

Now the weather seems to have turned, I’m looking forward to getting out and about to this seasons events!
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Wind in the moustache
August 2019
Posted on: November 2020
Terry Thomas would have loved it!
I didn’t mean to buy an XK120, any more than I had meant to buy a Standard 10. I’d intended to flog the Standard’s NBU120 reg, but as there was money from my late mother’s estate sitting doing next to nothing in the bank, we decided to buy the car to go with the reg.

A roadster of the right colour came up at Suffolk Sportscars. It was so cold I couldn’t concentrate to drive it, but a deal was done. SS kindly kept it till the spring. Unfortunately, it was troublesome. In fact it broke down every time I took it out. Fraser at SS was terrific. They took the car back and did all sorts of expensive things to it. It no longer overheated five miles from home, and it was more willing to hot start. But it still fell onto five cylinders nearly every time it was started in the garage.

Eventually I took the carbs apart and found the float levels were a mile out, and the float valves were loose and leaking. Repairs cost me exactly £0.00. Now at last it ran on six.

The trouble was it had blotted its copy book fairly indelibly, and I was so nervous of it repeating its old tricks that I didn’t want to drive it. It took a year for me to start to appreciate that it was in fact, a very fine motor car. On a sunny day I was even forgiving it for not having room for a 5 foot ten driver. Slicing off the bottom inch and a half of the clutch pedal improved matters.

I’m afraid I still see it as a four wheeled savings account, and if the right offer came along I would wave goodbye. Until then it’s the closest I’m ever going to get to piloting a Spitfire, which is a lot more fun than looking at my bank statement.

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Current Owner Awaiting ownership claim -

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