1965 Mustang 289 V8 Convertible

Tropical Turquoise.....Fiona Volpe's ride in Thunderball

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Current Owner Andrea Quirrenbach - PRESENT

You can’t beat a drive-in movie....
September 2020
Posted on: September 2020
...especially in a open-topped classic!
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Avoiding crowds and maintaining social distancing, drive-in cinemas offer pure luxury in your own classic environment.
Interesting previous American history
August 2020
Posted on: September 2020
Always nice to know what your car’s been up to in the past…
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While I have no information about her pre-1990, the previous owner was a 25-year old girl in Arizona who was given the car by her father on the day of her birth (her brother got a Fastback). She sold her with a heavy heart to pay the deposit for her first flat and I hope to own and drive her for at least another 25 years.

In 1965 Ford produced nearly 560,000 Mustangs, of which around 77,000 were convertibles.
New Blueprint 4.9L/302ci 300bhp V8
August 2019
Posted on: September 2020
Upgrading the engine and brakes…
Timeline post: New Blueprint 4.9L/302ci  300bhp V8
In 2018 the original 4.7L/289 225bhp V8 engine was replaced with a reconditioned Blueprint 4.9L/302 300bhp V8 and the brakes were converted from drums to discs. Other recent improvements include a modern stereo system, shoulder seat belts, hazard lights and front head rests. She is now in excellent condition with no rust and drives like a dream.
My beautiful 1965 Mustang
August 2018
Posted on: September 2020
Three weeks later the fun began…
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I never intended to buy an old Yank but became hooked after watching Jodie Kidd and Quentin Wilson drive a topless Mustang down Highway 1 in their Classic Car Show. Three weeks later this Tropical Turquoise lady was mine and the fun began....more often on the back of RAC recovery trucks than on the road for the first couple of years, until all her little kinks were ironed out.