An amazing Jetsons-style Sci-Fi Car

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Introducing Cosmotron...
April 2021
Posted on: May 2021
... certainly easy to see, no shrinking 'violet'.
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Based upon a BMW Z3 running gear and built with recycled materials by hand, by the genius that is Paul Bacon. As you can see Cosmotron is no shrinking 'violet' and has appeared in and starred many films, paper and magazines...
The Official Superfly colouring book
January 2021
Posted on: May 2021
The 39th Coloring Book from Fireball Publishing
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Look at this super cool colouring book, and we're in it! Thanks to SuperFly Autos and Fireball Lawrence, we're truly touched.
A feature with
March 2018
Posted on: May 2021
WILL.i.CAM an futuristic promotional film.
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Going behind the scenes on Fabulous’ video and photoshoot with
The BBC The One Show
February 2018
Posted on: May 2021
Nice to appear on the BBC One Show
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Kathryn gets to experience the couch...
The Sun Newspaper
April 2016
Posted on: May 2021
Bubble made of rubble
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THIS car really is a load of old rubbish — it was made out of an old boiler
and bottle tops.

Mechanics maestro Paul Bacon, 41, spent 18 months turning scrap into a 140mph
supercar. (
CarFest South
January 2015
Posted on: May 2021
Film made by Barcroft media
Designer Builds Sci-Fi Vehicle In His Back Garden. A tribute to Ed Roth and the concept cars of the 60's. Fully air conditioned, MOT'd for UK roads, electric roof capsule.
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