BMW 501 Baur Cabriolet V8

Very modern Szymanowski body design from 1955

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The Baroque Angel
June 2019
Posted on: June 2019
BMW 501 Baur Cabriolet V8
Built from 1952 through to 1964 the BMW 501 was also named the "baroque angel" because of its sculptured curved lines.

The development of BMW's new car for production in Munich began in 1948. In addition to the design of the former factory director of the Eisenach plant, Peter Szymanowski, on the technical basis of the pre-war BMW 326 and an alternative, very modern Pininfarina design, of which a prototype was built. However, the BMW 501 was finally built with Szymanowski’s body design.

The vehicles were very expensive for the post-war period with prices between 11,500 DM and 22,000 DM. During the twelve-year construction period, only slightly more than 23,000 units, including about 280 convertibles and coupés with bodies from Baur in Stuttgart and Autenrieth in Darmstadt were built. Our convertible is therefore extremely rare.

The prestigious but loss-making BMW eight-cylinder 502/503/507 models were one of the reasons why BMW was almost taken over by its main competitor Daimler-Benz in the late 1950s. However, this was prevented in the general meeting in 1959 by small shareholders. As the industrialist Herbert Quandt, with his considerable financial and personal commitment, had a large share in the refurbishment of BMW. He received as a thank you, a BMW 3200 CS Cabriolet.

Our Car: This rare Cabriolet is in a very nice 2+ condition and the only vehicle in Austria. It has been completely restored over the years and always driven. This convertible offers enormous driving pleasure and is a feast for the eyes.
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