Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider

The world's most beautiful convertible from 1961

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Trade Keeper Manro-Classic - PRESENT

Originally supplied to an owner in Liechtenstein
June 2019
Posted on: June 2019
This Alfa Romeo 2000 was originally supplied to an owner in Liechtenstein and was restored about 10 years ago.

The 2000 is the successor to the 1900 Alfa Romeo and was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1957.

The Touring Spider is dubbed by many classic car enthusiasts and trade magazines as one of the world's most beautiful convertibles.

The 4-cylinder engine (1975 cc) had two overhead camshafts and two twin carburettors. The power was 115 hp and the top speed 175 km / h. Five-speed gearbox and a modern suspension rounded off the picture.

The Spider cost 2.5 million lire in 1958 and was relatively expensive.
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